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Things You Mostly Did Not Know About Las Vegas Casinos And The Sin City Itself

Las Vegas is so many things, but “Sin City” is what it will always be. You will undoubtedly have a great time if you go to Joker 96 Vegas no matter who you go with. A good piece of advice would be that you go with people you are comfortable with. When you go with your loved ones, you will certainly have a great time. In this guide, I have actually made sure to list out some of the craziest things about Las Vegas. These facts will actually surprise you, some will delight you, and some will actually make you question a few things about the Sin City itself. Having said that, here is the list that I have been talking about.

talking about

  • This is disturbing indeed; at least 1,000 people are living beneath Las Vegas in the underground tunnels. I am sure this is making you go “WHAT?” That is the exact reaction that I had indeed.
  • Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop, had made plans to construct a 50-foot tall moonwalking robot replica of himself just randomly to roam the Las Vegas desert and it was indeed intended for the advertisement of the 2005 comeback which he had planned.
  • In the year 1980, a Las Vegas hospital actually had to suspend some workers who were betting on when some patients would pass away. One nurse was even accused of killing a patient, just so she would win the bet. Yes, these things barely happen anymore and is terribly frowned upon, not to mention, illegal.
  • It will take you 288 years for one human to spend one night in every single hotel room in Las Vegas. That is how many rooms there are in all of the hotels in Las Vegas, collectively.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is illegal in Las Vegas to be a prostitute. It is legal to be an escort and there also a lot of escort agencies.

escort agencies

  • The founder and the CEO of FedEx actually saved the company by gambling in the Sin City.
  • According to so many suppliers, Las Vegas Bingo players’ favorite color ink daubers would be purple.
  • There are so many water structures in Las Vegas like the large fountains, the human-made lakes and whatnot. They use grey-water, which is actually recycled water from sinks, showers and bathtubs. When you are near these water bodies, you should be sure never to drink them.
  • A man actually ended up having a heart attack after eating at the infamous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.
  • The Las Vegas Strip is actually the brightest place on Earth and is actually visible from space.


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